First Global Pension Funding is the go-to source for pension
buyouts—sometimes referred to as pension loans—where qualified
retirees sell a specific portion of their pension funding in exchange for
lump sum pension cash, to cover an unexpected life event, or even
finance a life opportunity.
Through a type of money purchase pension plan, First Global
Pension Funding transacts a pension buyout and advances you the
cash when needed. This pension buy out is not a pension loan; it is a
pension lump sum that you can put to work without delay.
In as little as three to six weeks.
Nowhere else can you leverage your military, civil service or corporate
pension to secure near-immediate cash. Not at a bank. Banks don’t
recognize pensions as collateral. Not on a credit card. High interest
rates make cash advances too expensive.
You’ve worked hard all your life. Now, it’s time your accomplishments
work smart for you.